1. Preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hemicycle Spring House


    Preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hemicycle Spring House


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    The Spring House, also known as the Clifton and George Lewis II House, is the only private house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that was ever built in Florida. The design embodies the final and shortest stylistic phase in Wright’s career – the hemicycle style. The plan is characterized by concentric and intersecting circles, while the elevations are…

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    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple

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    A brief history of Frank Lloyd Wright hotels

    After reading a bit about the Geneva Lake Hotel by Chicago Geek, I went down an internet wormhole to unearth other Frank Lloyd Wright hotels around the globe. Turns out, only two functioning hotels exist today. 

    Bitter Root Inn, Montana. 1909 - 1924. 

    City National Bank and Hotel. Mason City, Iowa. 1910. Now the Park Inn

    Lake Geneva Hotel. Lake Geneva Wisconsin. 1911 - 1970. 

    Imperial Hotel, Japan 1923 - 1968. 

    Inn at Price Tower, 1956. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Hotel started in 2003. 

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    Kentuck Knob                                                                                                      Designed by Frank LLoyd Wright, considered one of the greatest architects of all time, Kentuck Knob was built for the Hagan family of the local Hagan Ice Cream Company. Smaller and less grand than the nearby Falling Waters house, it nevertheless is seen as more approachable and warmer in its nature, a house with a lived in feeling. It contains many of the components of Wright, integration to its surrounds, use of positive and negative space to create outward movement within the house and design features such as the hexagon skylights on the outer deck. Created without glass they allow sunlight to fall on the decks pavement and continually change position  and nature as the sun travels across the sky. Kentuck Knob is also know for its extensive lands and sculptures set throughout the property.  

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    Guggenheim Museum, New York City (Wright, 1959)

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    The Guggenheim Museum
    New York

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    Man’s works must lie in the bosom of Nature, cottages be buried in trees, or under vines and moss, like rocks, that they may not outrage the landscape. - Thoreau

    Excerpts from The Power of Ten photography series studying the relationship between Fallingwater and its natural surroundings 

    Lindsay Unger (2014)

  13. Canvas shades over the library. #TaliesinWest #FrankLloydWright #WrightSites #NoFilter

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    Frank Lloyd Wright, Avery Coonley Playhouse: Triptych Window, 1912.

    To quote their informational page, “This colorful, whimsical triptych window is from the Avery Coonley Playhouse, a small structure that Frank Lloyd Wright designed as an addition to the Coonley’s suburban Chicago estate, which he had previously completed in 1908.”

    On display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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