1. Today we bid a fond farewell to Doug Volker, our director of licensing and retail. On behalf of the Foundation, we thank Doug for his many passionate years of service, and we wish you all the best.

  2. chicagogeek:

    Front and back view of the business card for the original manager, Mr. T. Inumaru, of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel.

    (Image Source: OAD Archives)

  3. coltonwbrown:

    Unity Temple Sanctuary by Colton Brown on Flickr.

    Frank Lloyd Wright’s first public building.
    Located in Oak Park, IL

    From an album of exterior and Interior photographs of Unity Temple

  5. design-related:

    The Anne Pfeiffer Chapel, at Florida Southern College, in central Florida. Restored by Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects. Photo courtesy MCWB.

    (Source: metropolismag.com)

  6. craftersama:

    The Guggenheim by DennisRamos


  7. (Source: alisonyc)

  8. mainmade:

    Fallingwater | Frank Lloyd Wright
    sandstone/reinforced concrete/steel/glass

    One of the most iconic designs by America’s legacy of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater was designed in 1935 for the wealthy Kaufmann family. What makes this building so exemplary is Wright’s use of the the surrounding environment in the design and construction of the home: 
    -local rocks quarried from nearby and placed in a shifting manner, allowing them to look like a natural extension of the surrounding hills,

    - a generous amount of windows ensuring a continuance of the home into the landscape and vice versa, these windows also become quite reflective with the shifting light, much like the surface of the water surrounding it,
    - colored a soft ochre after the underside of the local rhododendron leaves, and
    -red painted steel to match the red color of iron ore

    Wright successfully designed Fallingwater as an extension of the river-edge it was situated on. He allowed the natural environment to continue into the home- even employing the use of semicircles to allow trees to continue their natural growth paths through the trellises- and allowed the home to compliment the shape and materials of it’s natural surroundings.

    If you’re in the northeast, consider taking a tour.

  9. onlyoldphotography:

    Ezra Stoller: Inside view of Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, New York, ca. 1959

  11. The oncoming storm. #TaliesinWest

  12. starberth:

    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West | Scottsdale, AZ

  13. dhmsiftings:

    Living Wing by Allen Memorial Art Museum on Flickr.

    Weltzheimer/Johnson House - FLLW

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  15. trinelibre:

    the kalita humphreys theater - by frank lloyd wright

    photo by eliot elisofon