3. No chance of rain today, but beautiful clouds are easiest enjoyed when the sun shines. #WrightSites #FrankLloydWright #TaliesinWest #NoFilter

  4. rempics:

    Guggenheim Museum, New York City (Wright, 1959)

  5. run-off-the-road:

    The Guggenheim Museum
    New York

  6. lapourprevaillance:

    Man’s works must lie in the bosom of Nature, cottages be buried in trees, or under vines and moss, like rocks, that they may not outrage the landscape. - Thoreau

    Excerpts from The Power of Ten photography series studying the relationship between Fallingwater and its natural surroundings 

    Lindsay Unger (2014)

  7. Canvas shades over the library. #TaliesinWest #FrankLloydWright #WrightSites #NoFilter

  8. artistic-licenses:

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Avery Coonley Playhouse: Triptych Window, 1912.

    To quote their informational page, “This colorful, whimsical triptych window is from the Avery Coonley Playhouse, a small structure that Frank Lloyd Wright designed as an addition to the Coonley’s suburban Chicago estate, which he had previously completed in 1908.”

    On display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

  9. Nature is always close at hand. #WrightSites #FrankLloydWright #TaliesinWest #NoFilter


  10. "An expert is a man who has stopped thinking because ‘he knows.’"

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Don’t be an “expert” … keep asking questions.

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  11. dd20century:

    imageFrank Lloyd Wright, Arthur B. Heurtley House (1902), Oak Park IL.
    Photo Credit: Bill Bowen Copyright 2014.

    The Arthur B. Huertley House is one of the finest examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie homes. Built, in 1092 for banker Arthur B. Huertley and his family, the home features a…

  12. darylalexsy:

    Frank Lloyd Wright, why I can’t I quit you?

    I just enjoy making these so much. His leaded glass is just so beautiful. I keep coming across this coloring book of his window designs, and I’ve, uh, got a birthday coming up in 7 months, so you know… Just playin’, but it’s still such a cute little book!

    This is the archway in the Dana-Thomas House located in Springfield, Illinois.

  13. modernmagazine:

    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian gem in suburban St. Louis was saved and restored and is now open to the public. Read more http://bit.ly/1p15SoQ

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    Guggenheim Museum